Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Borders is not on my good list

I received a Borders gift card for Christmas. When I went to Borders online there was Glenn Beck's Broke as an ebook. I bought the book and it downloaded, or so I thought. Twice the Borders app locked up and once it required re-installation.
 And twice the book was gone when I was not in a wifi spot. If you are thinking of using the Borders ipad app, you may want to check on these issues first. I hope to keep the book long enough to read it.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

We did not make til midnight at David and Angie's. We are watching the last half hour of 2010 in front of the TV. We had a great meal at their home and a lot of fun. My pain med wore off and Pam was tired, so here we are. TV and lights will prolly be off and the covers up to the chin by about 12:05AM.

I started Brad Thor's The Athena Project. this afternoon. The background lies in 1944 with a Nazi, secrets in a briefcase, a female agent, and a parachute jump from an exploding plane. Nice easy intro.

NYE, finally!

Thought the night would never end, what with no lines running. I had nothing to do but wander around. Others played cards for a while. One fellow brought in a laptop and the entire series of The Pacific on DVD. We watched a few episodes crowded uncomfortably around that small screen. Glad to be home and ready for a nap.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It will be a long night

My last night to work this year. Where I work has no manufacturing lines running because there is some preventative maintenance work going on during the holiday period. That means people will be performing minor tasks such as lubricating bearings, cleaning equipment, painting, playing Euchre (did I say that?), and so on.
I have been on light duty the result of shoulder surgery. This has placed me in an office writing safety procedures. If it wasn't for playing music on  my ipad, it would be creepy up there all alone for most of 12 hours.
I have been doing some reading on my ipad also to take a break from the writing and the coffee pot has been my friend.